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rider13 31.07.10 - 02:06am
Jesus said, Your father Abraham rejoiced to see My day, and he saw it and was glad (John 8:56).

Jesus made a startling statement stressing the fact that the ancient Jewish patriarch Abraham placed his ultimate hope in the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and he rejoiced in the thought of Christs coming.

Jesus points to the event as My daythe life of Jesus Christ. That is the event that Abraham was reflecting upon and rejoicing about.

Something happened to Abraham in his day to cause him to rejoice back then at the thought of the coming of Gods redeemer. I believe Abrahams vision of the coming of Christ as our substitute is vividly portrayed in the near sacrifice of his son Isaac on Mount Moriah (Genesis 22). There Abraham learned that the Lord will provide, and He did at Calvary.


rider13 31.07.10 - 02:06am
Abraham had already experienced the reality that God is true to His Word, no matter how strange it may seem. God told Abraham to kill Isaac, the son of the covenant, who had no children at this time in his life. Abraham knew God would have to perform a miracle in Isaacs death. God would have to raise Isaac from the dead to accomplish His promise of producing a great nation through Isaac. Since God had done a miracle at Isaacs birth, He was fully capable of performing a miracle in his sacrificial death. The context of Genesis chapter 22 fully expects God to bring Isaac back down the mountain with his father Abraham and the servants after the sacrifice (Gen. 22:5; Heb. 11:17-19).


rider13 31.07.10 - 02:06am
Abraham trusted God to bring Isaac back from the dead. This was precisely what God the Father did with His own Son Jesus Christ.

Genesis 22:14 tells us Abraham rejoiced and called the place Jehovah Jireh meaning the Lord will provide.

Could Abraham have meant earlier, the Lord will provide a resurrection of Isaac?

The message in Genesis 22 is Jehovah Jireh who provided a ram in substitution for the death of Isaac would one day provide His own Son as the perfect substitute and sacrifice to cover the sins of all who believe on Him.


rider13 31.07.10 - 02:07am
At that moment Abraham saw clearly the coming of Jesus including the meaning of His substitutionary death and resurrection, and He rejoiced at the thought. He saw it and was glad.

Do you believe as Abraham did? He believed, and God provided.

Do you believe God in spite of your present cir tances?

Do you believe that Jesus Christ came and died as your substitute on the cross and rose from the dead?

Do you rejoice in His coming?

julianot 2.08.10 - 07:24am
yes i do bielieve *

jewely31 2.08.10 - 03:45pm
Yes i do, i keep looking forward for the coming of the Most High God. dani2.GIF *

festus36 3.08.10 - 10:28am
Thanks sis. This is very insightful. God bless u. *

therson 10.04.11 - 02:52pm
Yes I do believe. Life without the belief is meaningless. To God be the glory! *

endtimes 8.06.11 - 09:03pm
AMEN! agree.GIF *

anilan 7.09.11 - 05:02pm
Yes i do belive bless u sis *

shamaras 20.09.11 - 11:39am
As children of God He ask of us to love, He is love so if you profess to be a believer, i challenge you today to call upon someone you have a foe with or if they against you. Dare to be who your created to be A child of GOD.AMEN *

anilan 26.09.11 - 07:08pm
Yes i believe n av faith in the lord *

stepup1 25.04.12 - 11:42am

joy46 14.10.12 - 06:11pm
yes i do believe too, born again in LORD 8years ago *

ricardo 14.01.13 - 01:28pm
Yes I believed and I 'll serve Him...! *

paper92 5.04.13 - 12:59pm
OH how i wish to be in Heaven with Jesus, where should i start. Avoiding tv,music,hang wid friends. Very hard LORD *

paper92 5.04.13 - 01:01pm
I'LL make it step by step GO NiKKO GO! * 6.04.13 - 05:02pm
I believe it,God provide myself,mylife n myheart,God never leave me. *

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