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go Do you practice faith?
go What is the appropriate number of children to have?
go I heard about a new definition of success: it is to be love and respected by the ones closest to you. Can you identify with this?
go Do u pray b4 meals?
go What type of music do you listen to most often ?
go Is baptism necessary for salvation?
go Is it ok for christians to marry a person of another faith?
go Have you personally lead someone to salvation ?
go AS a group owner how would you treat a person who post disruptive agruementative topics at your group?
go Do you believe that speaking in tongues is right for today's christians?
go What religion do you practise?
go How often do u help the homeless?
go How often do you pray for the lost?
go If I keep this group open would you be willing to post here?
go Is it wrong for christains to read books of or about other faiths?
go What roll should women fill in a church?
go Do you believe that you can get to heaven by being a good person?


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Create Your Own App Store